When we say “I don’t have the energy..” - What do we mean? Physiologically, we may simply be in a time for rest and regeneration. However, if one has ever felt energized after a yoga class, workout, or veggie juice, its clear that our experience of energy is generated from within. Even the nature of our response to a tense or challenging situation can leave us feeling clear and full of vitality, or deflated, tense - in limitation. There are various “channels” of energy in our body, from the nervous system, the metabolic channels, muscular energy expressed through movement or exertion.. Just as each of these channels or systems is a part of a larger complex system comprised of interweaving channels, influencing and influenced by the elements of our life.

I just returned from 4 days and nights with over a dozen professionals, researchers, and pioneers at the cutting edge of the wellness field. After soaking in mineral rich healing waters, receiving powerful vitalizing products, and learning of some of the most exciting technologies and resources available to the natural health world, I return deeply inspired and with a renewed sense of optimism for the future.

I’d like to thank Farsam Shadab for creating the experience and for the invitation.

After receiving such a positive response after giving my first public presentation on Somatic Consulting - to an audience of my peers, I will sharing this work in a newly developed group process model.

A number of the products and technologies will be added to my repertoire of offerings to my community - so do let me know if you’d like to know more about what is available, or if you’re interested in having me present at your event or venue.

I had an epiphany a few years ago, that the impulse to eat food is analogous to the desire/need to connect socially, to derive support (emotional and otherwise) from others - a source of diversity from the outside.

It seemed to naturally follow that the impulse to drink water, to hydrate, is analogous to the need/desire to connect to and return to oneself - to dissolve and flush away impurities, leaving only one’s essence remaining.. the process of re-authentication.

Today, I realized how these parts of being human may indicate deeply engrained patterns.. It feels for me to be a time demanding this re-authentication - reminding me of the importance of truly owning my life, living from integrity.. The infinitely diverse world with all its challenges and fruits, can distract us from the ongoing inner journey - or can serve as a reflecting glass to a deeper process that guides and forms our life. If we don’t hydrate, claim a space of inner clarity and calm to reflect from, the results in our life can resemble those of a dehydrated body. Things just don’t work as they’re meant to..

An interesting note - when I chug some really good water to the point of satiety, I often feel a welling, a pulse emanate from me heart. Of course, the water does pass by the organ as it goes down, but I suspect it may be more than that - a response to the choice to connect to the voice at the source of our most authentic inner wisdom..

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